Naan (Oven Baked)

Naan (Oven Baked)

Naan (Oven Baked) is a type of flatbread that is popular in South and Central Asian cuisine. It is traditionally made with flour, yeast, salt, and water, and is typically cooked in a tandoor oven, which gives it its distinctive charred appearance and smoky flavor. Naan can served plain or flavored with various spices and herbs, and is often use to accompany curries, stews, and other dishes.

In Bangladesh, naan is often categorize according to its flavor, texture, and shape. Here are some common categories of naan that you may find in restaurants or bakeries in Bangladesh:

  1. Plain naan: This is the most basic type of naan, make with plain flour, yeast, and water. It has a soft and chewy texture and is usually serve plain or with a light brushing of butter or ghee.
  2. Garlic naan: Garlic naan is a popular type of naan that is flavor with garlic and sometimes top with chop cilantro. It is often serve with Indian and Pakistani curries and is a great accompaniment to spicy dishes.
  3. Butter naan: Butter naan is a type of naan that is brush with melt butter before serving. It is soft and fluffy, and the butter adds a rich, savory flavor.
  4. Cheese naan: Cheese naan is a type of naan that is stuff with cheese, often mozzarella or cheddar. It is then bake until the cheese is melt and gooey. And is a popular choice for those who love cheesy flavors.

These are just a few examples of the many types of naan that are available in Bangladesh. The exact types of naan available may vary depending on the restaurant or bakery.

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