Beef Pizza

Beef Pizza

Beef pizza is a type of pizza that features beef as the main topping. The beef can be prepared in various ways. Such as ground, sliced, shredded, or sausage. Other common toppings include cheese, tomato sauce, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and olives.

It is a popular option in many restaurants and can found in various styles. Such as thin crust, deep-dish, or stuffed crust. It can also be made at home using pre-made pizza dough or by making the dough from scratch.

Turkish beef pizza, also known as “lahmacun,” is not as widely available in restaurants in Bangladesh as other types of pizza. However, some Turkish or Mediterranean restaurants may offer variations of this dish. Here are some types of Turkish pizza that you may find in these restaurants:

  1. Classic Lahmacun: This traditional Turkish pizza features a thin, crispy crust top with a spicy mixture of ground meat, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.
  2. Turkish Sujuk Pizza: This pizza features slices of sujuk. A spicy Turkish sausage make with meat, along with cheese and tomato sauce.
  3. Turkish Pide Pizza: This pizza is make with pide bread, a type of Turkish flatbread. And it’s top with mince meat, peppers, onions, and tomatoes.
  4. Turkish Spicy Pizza: This pizza is top with a spicy mixture of ground meat, onions, and peppers. Along with cheese and tomato sauce.
  5. Turkish Meatball Pizza: This pizza is topp with Turkish-style meatballs make with ground meat and spices. Along with cheese and tomato sauce.

Overall, this is a tasty and satisfying option for meat lovers and can enjoy as a meal or snack.

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