Set Menu

Set Menu

Set Menu, also known as fixed menus or prix fixe menus, are a popular dining option in many restaurants in Bangladesh. A set menu typically offers a pre-determined selection of dishes for a fixed price, allowing diners to enjoy a variety of dishes at a discounted price compared to ordering each dish individually.

Set menus can vary depending on the restaurant, but they often include a combination of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, along with a beverage such as water or tea. Some set menus may also include special dishes or seasonal items that are not available on the regular menu.

Set menus are often use in fine dining restaurants. Where they may offer as a tasting menu or degustation menu featuring a series of small plates or courses highlighting the chef’s signature dishes or seasonal ingredients. Set menus can also found in casual dining restaurants and fast food chains. Where they may offer a simplified selection of dishes at a lower price point.

In Bangladesh, set menus are commonly offer in restaurants that serve traditional Bangladeshi cuisine. As well as international cuisine such as Chinese, Indian, and Thai. Set menus may be available for lunch or dinner. And prices can range from relatively inexpensive to more expensive depending on the restaurant and the number of courses offer.

Set menus can a great option for diners who want to sample a variety of dishes. Or for groups who want to share multiple dishes. They are also a good value compare to ordering individual dishes. Making them a popular choice for budget-conscious diners. Some restaurants may also offer discounts. Or promotions for set menus during certain times or days of the week.

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